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Contras & Squares

"Dear friend, dance mentor, and killer caller."
-- Deborah & Karl Clark Colon of the band Changeling

"You have enough skill and charisma as a dance leader to take folks many places they haven't been before, perhaps haven't even dreamed of going."
-- Eric Arnold, Ann Arbor MI

"Thank you for sharing your skill and charisma.  You really have lots of both."
-- dance organizer, Champaign-Urbana IL

"You have such a pleasant voice and you vary it so much from dance to dance, so it's always nice to listen to and it never gets old -- even after four days!"
-- a happy dancer in Fairbanks AK

"There are callers who are technically great and those who are artfully great. You are both."
-- Tori Barone, Philadelphia PA

"Your calling is joyously infectious!"
-- Hellen Newland, Columbus OH

"You really have tremendous energy as a caller.  You lift the dancers up and keep us going."
-- a Ann Mallard, Fairbanks AK

"Great caller!  Wonderful dances!  Come back from Ohio soon!"
-- a happy dancer in Concord MA

"I wanted to tell you again what a good job you did with Flapjack [at NEFFA].  Every year, a few sessions really stand out and yours was certainly one of this year's best."
-- Robert Cromartie, Contra dance caller, North Carolina

"Joseph!  This is your official thank you card for a job really well done on Saturday.  We got three unqualified raves about your calling in the comment log....  Thanks for everything.  And of course, we'd love to have you back."
-- The Board, Lavendar Country & Folk Dancers, 
    Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

"You are a great teacher!  You make everything so clear, so everyone knows what to do, and we can do really cool dances!"
-- a happy Lansing dancer


English Country Dance

"You have single-handedly changed our minds about English.  We thought we'd never get it and could never enjoy it, but we are really enjoying this!  Your directions are crystal clear, your energy is so positive -- and you're funny, too!  It's just perfect."
 -- Paula and Alan Wright, Buffalo Gap Family Week 2002

"I love your choice of dances!  You do a wonderful mix of interesting, new dances and the well-loved classics.  I always love to come dancing when you are calling."
 -- Inge Noyes, Columbus, Ohio

"I'm still thinking about the wonderful time I had dancing to Waverly Station and your calling.  Every time I think of it, I start smiling."
 -- Carol Kopp, English and contra dance caller, Streetsboro, OH

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