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Joseph is a New England native happily settled in Houston, Texas.  As a popular caller at dance events throughout the country and further afield, he draws on a broad repertoire of contra, English country, and community dances.  His calling combines clear teaching, discriminating taste in dances, and respect for tradition.  He is the author of numerous popular contra dances which have also found their way around the country.  He has been an active dance organizer in Ann Arbor MI and Columbus OH, and is a former board member of the Country Dance and Song Society. 
-- Updated bio, August 2008

Joseph Pimentel is a New England native who has recently moved to Houston, Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas so they had to have Joseph! His skillful mix of clear teaching and discriminating taste with wide-open happiness and high-energy, puts us all in a dancing mood. How he does it is magic, but the dancers reap the benefits! Joseph’s calling is popular around the country. He is truly a man with panache!
-- Blue Moon Contra Dance Weekend, Huntsville AL, May 2008

Joseph Pimentel -- a New Englander now happily settled in Columbus, Ohio, is a popular caller at dance events from Alaska to Florida.  He draws on a broad repertoire of contra, English country, and community dances, all presented with crisp teaching, discriminating taste, respect for tradition, and high energy.  Joseph has written many popular contra dances and serves on the board of directors of the Country Dance and Song Society.
--John C. Campbell Folk School Catalog, 2005

Joseph Pimentel’s calling combines cool dances, clear teaching, youthful perspective, and respect for tradition. Dancing since high school in New England, he draws on many years of experience as he teaches English country dance, contras, and squares at local dances, weekends, special events, and in elementary schools. He is highly sought after throughout the Midwest and increasingly further afield, from Boston to Fairbanks. Several of Joseph’s own dances have made their way around the country, too.
-- Web pages for CDSS Dance Week at Buffalo Gap, July 2002

From Columbus Ohio, we welcome Joseph Pimentel to Raincoast Ruckus. Joseph is renowned for his skillful, charismatic leadership and infectiously joyful calling. A man of many talents, Joseph organizes contra workshops, teaches English country dance, promotes gender-free dance, and composes contras enjoyed by dancers from coast to coast. He has that rare ability to take folks many places they haven't been before, perhaps haven't even dreamed of going.
-- Raincoast Ruckus, Vancouver BC, February 22-24, 2002

Joseph is a wonderful caller from Columbus, Ohio.  He has been involved in traditional dance since the early 80's, and has been calling Contra Dances since 1995.  Joseph calls a great variety of contra dances, from the simple to the complex; and he teaches them all with great clarity and fun.  In addition, he gives many wonderful and diverse dance workshops.  He called with Flapjack at NEFFA in June of 2001 to rave reviews, and we are really looking forward to having them both here in Cincinnati in March.
-- Pigtown Fling, Cincinnati OH, March 22-24, 2002


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