English country dancing is closely related to American contra dancing -- the two share common figures and some history.  Unlike most contras, though, English dances have unique matching tunes, which give a special character to each dance.  Many are dreamy and elegant, others are raucous and exuberant.  

"You have single-handedly changed our minds about English.  We thought we'd never get it and could never enjoy it, but we are really enjoying this!  Your directions are crystal clear, your energy is so positive -- and you're funny, too!  It's just perfect."
 -- Paula and Alan Wright, Buffalo Gap Family Week 2002

"The campers' evaluations praised you highly....one person said that he/she had just danced English once in a while, but was hooked now, thanks to you!  The committed ECD folks were in heaven....they loved your workshops and appreciated that you included English at the evening dances.
 -- Vickie Marr, Lady of the Lake Dance Week 2006

"You are an inspirational caller.  I feel I learned some really good things just watching you do your 'work' up there.  And what a great variety of dances! Dignified, playful, joyous and transcendent.... It was a feast of dancing and well taught indeed.  As with everything you do/engage your mind in, you can tell that you do not leave your heart behind, that your love is deep.  Bravo."
 -- Jennifer Hamilton, Fairfield English weekend 2008

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