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Most of the dances in this collection are contras, plus a Sicilian circle, a circle mixer, and a two-couple dance.  There are also two English country dances, including the popular 8-couple dance, Dutch Crossing, and a variation suitable for contra dancers. It has contributions from choreographers Eric Conrad, Peggy Frye, Yonina Gordon, Carol Kopp, Everett McKee, Adriane Moser, Seth Tepfer, Fred Todt, and Ernst van Brakel, as well as modern variations of the classics Petronella and Fly.

The book also has four tunes, with chords, appropriate for dancing.  Three of them are written by Peter Barnes, Daron Douglas, Bill Paine, and the fourth is an Ohio version of the classic, Bonaparte's Retreat.

A table of contents lists formation, difficulty level, and brief notes. The text for each dance includes teaching notes and background information, similar to those seen in the dances posted on the website. You can also read the introduction.  

All post-production proceeds from this book will be donated to CDSS.



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