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"The contra dance was one of the highlights of the whole Reunion. Several people told me that they had been skeptical about the dance, but were converts. Many cousins would like it to be a regular Reunion event.

 Everyone told me that you as caller were terrific -- calm, patient with learners, clear in instructions and maintaining a sense of humor. Your idea of getting the kids dancing and then getting them to bring in adults worked well. Clearly many people kept dancing all evening and those who didn't said they enjoyed watching.

 Thank you so much for helping to make the evening a very special one. I hope you will keep in touch so we know where to find you in five years for the next Reunion."
-- Carol Andrea, for the Jeffrey Family Reunion, Bexley, Ohio

"Everyone had such a great time at the wedding dance.  We were nervous about the different families and our friends all meeting each other and having a good time.  The dance was just the right thing, and you set the perfect tone for a relaxed, feel-good party."
-- Stephen and Trese Kasperick-Postellon, Bowling Green, Ohio

"I just want to thank you again for the wonderful dancing at the picnic.  I've run into a number of parents who have said, 'Hey, wasn't that dancing really great?  We should do it again!'  And we will!"
--Sandy Mathias, director of  the Columbus Children's Choir, 
   of the 2001 annual end of the year picnic

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