Heard from the Dance Floor

"You have enough skill and charisma as a dance leader to take folks many places they haven't been before, perhaps haven't even dreamed of going."
-- Eric Arnold, Ann Arbor MI

"Thank you for sharing your skill and charisma.  You really have lots of both."
-- dance organizer, Champaign-Urbana IL

"I remember when you were here with Flapjack last time and it was life-changing!"
-- Janine Smith, Washington DC, speaking of Glen Echo

"Thanks for the best weekend of my life!"
-- a happy dancer at the Chesapeake dance weekend

"You have such a pleasant voice and you vary it so much from dance to dance, so it's always nice to listen to and it never gets old -- even after four days!"
-- a happy dancer in Fairbanks AK

"There are callers who are technically great and those who are artfully great. You are both."
-- Tori Barone, Philadelphia PA

"Your calling is joyously infectious!"
-- Hellen Newland, Columbus OH

"You really have tremendous energy as a caller.  You lift the dancers up and keep us going."
-- a Ann Mallard, Fairbanks AK

"Great caller!  Wonderful dances!  Come back from Ohio soon!"
-- a happy dancer in Concord MA

"I wanted to tell you again what a good job you did with Flapjack [at NEFFA].  Every year, a few sessions really stand out and yours was certainly one of this year's best."
-- Robert Cromartie, Contra dance caller, North Carolina

"Joseph!  This is your official thank you card for a job really well done on Saturday.  We got three unqualified raves about your calling in the comment log....  Thanks for everything.  And of course, we'd love to have you back."
-- The Board, Lavendar Country & Folk Dancers, 
    Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

"You are a great teacher!  You make everything so clear, so everyone knows what to do, and we can do really cool dances!"
-- a happy Lansing dancer


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